Worms and parasites: Detoxic more rebellious

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Parasites are D etoxic opinion organisms that feed on another living organism, which is the host in which they live and use. To live and reproduce, feeding on their nutrients and energy. Based on the surprising results of recent epidemiological studies, it is estimated that intestinal worms are found in almost 80% of the adult population. These parasites infect millions of people, which means that everyone may not have noticed the same suspicion as their own.

In which substances of waste that stick together, we can find them in a variety of sizes. Some worms appear, especially in the upper part of the intestine and cause inflammation in this area. Detoxic notice In the following of the inflammation occurs, gas and bloating.

But not only is thin and the Colon, can lay eggs and in any other part of the body (depending on the species), for example, can be installed on the belly and go up into the esophagus or into the lungs, the liver, even in the brain and eyes, Detoxic forum blood travel under the skin. In addition, it can be of several different types at the same time.

There are two main groups of worms, which, depending on the shape of the body, are divided into:

Toxic effects of intestinal parasites Mostly live in the Detoxic colon notice. According to the Royal Academy of Medicine in England 90% of diseases directly or indirectly related to a dirty colon. The academy has identified 36 a variety of toxins, which form in the large intestine, dirty, that enter the bloodstream and harm health.

By dr. Bernard Jensen, one of the world leaders in the field of research and treatment of colon cancer, colon cancer people over 40 years old, collected between 2 to 12 kg of sediment, where the agency's intoxicando parasites move, insidious form. Eat a meal that they consume a lot of nutrients, leaving only a part, more calories. Therefore, even an excess weight can be the result, depending on the case, of the presence of intestinal parasites, which, according to Dr. Donald Kelleyque, by taking nutrients and leaving only calories, contribute to the body trying to compensate for the lack of nutrients and vitamins, eat more calories.

In reality, parasites have killed more people than any war in our history,"said the National Geographic in one of its award-winning documentary films, called" Parasites, Body Thieves.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has Detoxic opinion ranked all Detoxic forum parasites, as one of the six most dangerous human diseases. Causes many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and other types.

"I think parasites are health problems, more imprudent in the history of mankind. I clearly have a Detoxic opinion clear that this is a very bold statement statement, but builds on 20 years of experience and analysis of 20,000 patients ". Dr. Ross Anderson, a doctor in Canada.

To avoid poisoning, you must remove possible substances, waste and parasites, from the colon, because if not, rather than absorbing it the nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream of colon toxins, obstruction and faecal mass. If this is the case, there is a state of the steel. Now we are beginning to understand why 90% of all diseases start in the colon, says the doctor. Brian Carpenter, who, due to toxins and poor nutrition of the cells.

The most common method for detecting earthworms in the body is a macro- and microscopic analysis of stools. This method, however, is not 100% reliable, as eggs of pinworm can be detected Detoxic opinion in stool are no longer present. Adult worms strongly on the mucosal mucosa in different parts of the gastrointestinal tract and can be discovered at this time when eggs are laid. Because of this, three stool samples are taken at different times. Intestinal parasites in adults, can also occur in the journal colonoscópico.

Hydrotherapy of the colon with ozone (or both colon hydrotherapy) may appear floating in the water that flows through the viewfinder, atontadas with ozone, but the reality is that it is difficult to where or even, sospecharlas. At the origin of the very common and specific Detoxic forum symptoms, which mask the cause. Surprisingly, as worms, even very long worms, occupy our bodies do not resolve us. That's why I advise you if it is not the treatment of the common disease do not get the expected results, it co


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